Hi, I'm Sebastian.

I'm a software engineer from New York working on freelance and personal projects while earning a degree from the University of Toronto.

My Services.

As a software engineer with years of experience, I create amazing websites and applications that aim to make the internet a better place. I believe in #EthicalCS – a practice of understanding cultural context before building technology.

Web Applications

I build applications that are minimalistic and maintainable, providing functionality without redundant lines of code.

Web Design

I design applications with modern libraries and frameworks that are both interactive and use the latest digital design trends.


I give back to the developer community by conducting research, organizing events, and teaching the next generation.

My Skills & Tools.

I build applications using some of the best and most advanced tools available. These tools allow me to create any project from the ground up, from an initial design to full scale implementation.

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My Projects & Activities.

Technical PHP • Laravel • SQL
An open-source Laravel application archiving The Browning School's public tax information dating back to 2000.
Technical JavaScript • Vue.js
An open-source documentation site recording U.S. mass surveillance laws, programs, and court cases.
Technical Ruby • Rails • SQL
Interschool Clubs and Events
An open-source Ruby on Rails application displaying clubs and events for the New York Interschool.
Technical PHP • SQL
Link Shortener
A basic PHP application shortening URLs by creating unique code references. Records IP and date/time in an SQL database.
Community committee • member
Code of Conduct Committee
Served as a member of a student-teacher committee that created The Browning School's new Code of Conduct.
Community committee • chair
Student Diversity Committee
Founded a committee of student leaders from EDI discussion, affinity, and alliance groups that hosted events and collaborated with peer schools.
Community event • organizer
International Night
Started an annual event celebrating the diversity of cultures represented throughout The Browning School.
Community club • leader
Asian Affinity Group
Founded a group for Asian students at The Browning School, which was the first affinity group in the community.
Community newspaper • editor-in-chief
The Grytte Newspaper
Managed a student-run newspaper publication at The Browning School, which published new issues every quarter.

Conference Presentations.

United States Mass Surveillance. Digital Humanities Summer Institute Conference and Colloquium, Canadian Social Knowledge Institute. Victoria, Canada. June 2021. (forthcoming)
With the help of Congress and a secret court, President George W. Bush planted the seed for what would become a systemic abuse of law and power in the United States. Since the attacks on September 11, a barrage of laws and programs have drastically expanded the country's digital surveillance practices. Hidden behind several layers of a complex legal structure, mass surveillance infringes upon millions of Americans' rights while producing little to no meaningful results in the Global War on Terrorism.

This digital project, The United States of Surveillance, demonstrates how domestic mass surveillance programs in the United States are sanctioned, operated, and utilized by deconstructing the supporting legal frameworks. The project develops a publicly-accessible documentation website that analyzes government papers, award-winning news publications, and first-hand accounts of surveillance programs. By disentangling the juridical intricacies, the project aims to make surveillance laws, programs, and ramifications accessible and understandable to the general public. The project specifically explores how the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, the PATRIOT Act, the third-party doctrine, and the unitary executive work together to legalize domestic mass surveillance. It provides a brief overview of the country's most notorious mass surveillance programs, including MYSTIC, ECHELON, and FASCIA. Finally, the project reveals how programs such as these continue to be perpetuated under a FISA court exemption to the Fourth Amendment's search protections, one that effectively granted the court power to change Constitutional law without public knowledge.

By translating complex legalese into understandable explanations, The United States of Surveillance not only reveals how the current surveillance state systematically threatens the rights of citizens but provides them with information that can be used to reassert their rights to privacy and consent, as well as resist further erosion of democratic governance.

My Experience.

Icarus Labs
Founder & Software Engineer
2018 - Present (2 yrs)
ICCIT Council
Director of Web Development
2020 (5 mos)
Web Development Associate
2019 - 2020 (7 mos)
The Browning School
Teaching Assistant, Computer Science
2017 - 2018, 2019 (7 mos)
Churchill Capital
Intern Data Analyst
2018 (2 mos)
The Tardigrade Group
Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer
2017 - 2018 (1 yr 4 mos)

My Education.

University of Toronto
H.B.Sc., Computer Science & Information Technology
In Progress

The Browning School
High School Diploma
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